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Discussing implications for online dating

I talked with Hayley Matthews at about the implications of some of my recent research for online dating. Great article! Check it out here.

Romantic attachment and the dangers of social media, Part 2

As promised, here is the second segment on attachment and the dangers of social media. This article is focused on breakups and how people use social media (and perhaps need not to) in the wake of a breakup:

On the radio: techno-incompatibility in relationships

Just in time for VD (Valentine’s Day), I did an interview with CBC Radio’s Nora Young. We talk about how technology has changed the dynamics in romantic relationships and more specifically how techno-incompatibility can cause conflict between partners. Listen here.

Romantic attachment & the dangers of social media, Pt. 1

Here’s my latest post for Psychology Today on the role of romantic attachment in terms of technology use in relationships. Why is it that some people never have arguments with their romantic partner about what’s posted on Facebook, whereas it’s a constant source of tension and jealousy for others? It’s important to know your levels of anxious and avoidant attachment because they predict how technologies such as social media or texting can affect your romantic relationship at all stages. Read more here.

I’ll have a second post about attachment, social media, and breakups up closer to the end of the month.

Managing technology use during the holidays

Check out my new post on Psychology Today about how to effectively manage and implement tech during your time together with family and friends. It can be done!

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