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The benefits of disconnecting

I have a new post up at Psychology Today outlining the benefits of disconnecting from devices and putting them out of sight (and out of mind). A growing body of research shows that the mere presence of phones is a distraction, interfering with conversations, relationship building, work performance, and creativity. Read my post here.

Why do people post offensive comments online?

Ferguson tweet 2Ferguson tweet 1


You know the feeling. You’re scrolling through your Twitter or Facebook feed and there it is: a post you read once, twice, three times, because you can’t believe that someone would post something like that. What is wrong with humanity?

As with any social scientific phenomenon, it’s a constellation of environmental factors (in this case, affordances specific to online communication), experience, and personality.

After a comparative reading of the #Fergusonshooting and #Fergusonriots hashtags on Twitter (yes, those are real tweets above), my coping mechanism was to write this piece for Psychology Today providing some explanations about why people post offensive crap online:

Romantic attachment and the dangers of social media, Part 2

As promised, here is the second segment on attachment and the dangers of social media. This article is focused on breakups and how people use social media (and perhaps need not to) in the wake of a breakup:

Romantic attachment & the dangers of social media, Pt. 1

Here’s my latest post for Psychology Today on the role of romantic attachment in terms of technology use in relationships. Why is it that some people never have arguments with their romantic partner about what’s posted on Facebook, whereas it’s a constant source of tension and jealousy for others? It’s important to know your levels of anxious and avoidant attachment because they predict how technologies such as social media or texting can affect your romantic relationship at all stages. Read more here.

I’ll have a second post about attachment, social media, and breakups up closer to the end of the month.

Can a virtual environment make you an environmentalist?

Forest and chainsaw 2 panelCheck out my latest blog post on Psychology Today about prosocial uses of virtual environments featuring Dr. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn’s work on promoting paper conservation and other green behaviors.

Managing technology use during the holidays

Check out my new post on Psychology Today about how to effectively manage and implement tech during your time together with family and friends. It can be done!

Everybody’s life is better than mine…on Facebook

People have a tendency to compare themselves to others. Social networking sites like Facebook give us endless opportunities for social comparison. The problem is that we compare our everyday lives to others’ edited versions on Facebook. Seeing others’ selective self-presentation of their best selves on Facebook can make us feel dissatisfied with our own lives.

Check out my new blog post at Psychology Today on social comparison on Facebook.

Mobile phone use in romantic relationships

In case you missed it, here’s my blog for Psychology Today on creating rules in your romantic relationship for phone use.

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